EMPASO 12 Sport bottle TeamCrate - bottle carrier set

TeamCrate is the new personalized 12 sports bottle carrier set with your team photo, club logo or sponsor at both sides.

Choose one of the 7 TeamCrate colours, one of the 10 sports bottle colours and upload your image(s). Also two different images are possible.

The standard price for a personalized Teamcrate is € 57,77 excl. VAT or € 69,90 incl. VAT and ordering goes easy via the order form.

Free delivery action

If you order two personalized TeamCrates with bottles, we'll ship them to the UK with free delivery.


More carriers & sports bottles

Besides the TeamCrate with 12 sports bottles, EMPASO also offers bottle carrier sets with 8 bottles 750ml or with 6 bottles 500ml.

sports bottle carrier set

More EMPASO products

Besides the TeamCrate, EMPASO delivers more attractive and effective sports sponsoring product for teams, sports clubs and brands which want to be seen.

Do you want to know more about TeamCrate or about what we can do for your team, sports club or company?

Just contact directly via e-mail: info@TeamCrate.com


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