8 Sports Bottle Carrier Set

The EMPASO 8 Sports bottle carrier set is the new bottle carrier set including 8 sports bottles 750cc. The carrier is standard available in black and you can choose out of 11 different colours for your sports bottles or a mix of 8 differente colours.
Sponsored bottles & carrierAs of 300 sports bottles, which equals about 40 sports bottle carrier sets, we can producce and deliver the carrier sets including a screen printend logo on the bottles and including your full-colour logo on both sides of the carrier set. Interested? Please contact us via e-mail.Prices 8 Bottle Carrier SetThe price of a standard black 8 Sports Bottle Carrier Set including 8 sports bottle 750cc is € 39,50 per set.Delivery price & timeThe delivery price for one package (parcel) with max. 2 carrier sets is € 17,54 incl. VAT and the delivery time about 5 to 10 working days after the invoice has been paid. Thursday is our fixed weekly shipment day.Order procedureYou can order your 8 sports bottle carrier set via the order form below. Fill in the form and submit your order. Within two working days you will receive our order confirmation including the invoice.

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