About TeamCrate

EMPASO TeamCrate is the new sports bottle carrier set with 12, 14 or 16 sports bottles 750cc and your team photo, club logo or sponsor at both sides.


Order your TeamCrate

Choose one of the 7 crate colours and one of the 12 sports bottle colours. Select your TeamCrate options, upoad your image(s) and finish your order.

Our designer will serve you personally from there and create your TeamCrate!

New team? New team photo?

You can also order new TeamCrate labels and replace your old labels with the new labels.

In this way you can use and enjoy your TeamCrate for many years!


Do you need e.g. 14 or 16 sports bottles for your team? When ordering your TeamCrate you can also order additional sports bottles and an EMPASO DuoBottleHolder, so that you can use your TeamCrate for 14 or 16 players.

Sports bottle numbers

Is hygienic important and do you want each player to always drink from its own sports bottle?

When ordering your TeamCrate you can also order a set of 12 numbers 1-12 and/or 13-24 for the bottles and for the lids, so that each player has his or her own sports bottle.

EMPASO CoachBoard

Order additionally an EMPASO CoachBoard which you can store in you sports bottle TeamCrate. The CoachBoard will be delivered together with a black erasable board marker and is available in 10 different team sports.


Do you need some inspiration? Take a look at all the nice examples and see for yourself how TeamCrate is colouring teams, sports clubs and sponsord all over the world.