Sport Bottle colours

Personalised TeamCrates are always delivered with 12 non-printend sports bottles 750cc, available in 12 different bottle colours. Als you have the options to choose one of the EMPASO branded sports bottles.

EMPASO sports bottles colours

Bottle quality

The EMPASO Sports bottles are high quality bottles 750 ml with a screw cap and closing hinge. They are produced in the Netherlands, made of food approved material and 100% BPA free. The most sold sports bottles which are of course also dishwashing resistant and used by globlal brands like Gatorade, Herbalife, and Heineken.

Printed sports bottles

As of 300 pieces (=MOQ!) or 25 TeamCrates the sports bottles can be printed with a one or two colours logo on the bottles. If you have a three colour logo (or more) the MOQ is 500 pieces. Read more about printed sports bottles on our page “EMPASO Sports Bottles“.

EMPASO TeamCrate - sports bottles