EMPASO CoachBoard

The EMPASO CoachBoard is a convenient and handy board of 27 cm x 20 cm which you can store into your sports bottle TeamCrate.

EMPASO TeamCrate Coach Board

The EMPASO CoachBoards are always supplied with a black erasable board marker and are available for the team sports football, field hockey, indoor hockey, rugby, basketball, handball, volleyball, waterpolo and ice-hockey. See the CoachBoard images below.

EMPASO-Coachboard-Football - Coach Board
EMPASO-Coachboard-Water polo - Coach Board waterpolo
EMPASO-Coachboard-Field Hockey - Coach Board
Field hockey
EMPASO-Coachboard-Basketball- Coach Board
EMPASO-Coachboard-Handball - Coach Board
Handball / Indoor hockey
EMPASO-Coachboard-Rugby - Coach Board
EMPASO-Coachboard-Volleyball - Coach Board
EMPASO-Coachboard-Ice hockey - Coach Board
Ice hockey

Sponsored CoachBoards

As of 25 pieces (=MOQ!) you can order customized CoachBoards with your own club logo and sponsor in it. Ideal and very effective for sponsors which want to be seen ánd want to add value. Interesed? Contact us for more info via info@TeamCrate.com


Order your CoachBoard

An EMPASO CoachBoard can be ordered seperatly via the order form below. Choose if you would like to order a one-sided CoachBoard or a double sided CoachBoard, with e.g. field hockey on one side and indoor hockey on the other side.


Price CoachBoards

The price for a one-sided EMPASO CoachBoard is € 15,55 incl. VAT and for a double sided CoachBoard € 19,90 incl. VAT.


Delivery time & costs

Standard we will ship your CoachBoard via DHL (including Track & Trace!) and the DHL delivery costs are € 17,55 incl. VAT.

Alternatively we can send the CoachBoard via PostNL postal services (without Track & Trace!) and the PostNL delivery cost are € 9,95 incl. VAT.

The delivery time is approx. three to four days after the invoice and in the order form below you can choose your preferred way of shipping.


CoachBoard Order form

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(3) Your order details

Specify below your CoachBoard order.
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Select a second sport, only in case you order a double sided CoachBoard.
Choos your preferred shipment method.
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After you have send you order you will receive a short e-mail from us to verify your e-mail address.