For sponsors

The EMPASO TeamCrate is one of the most effective and attractive sports sponsoring products on the pitch. Each training, each game, the whole season long, teams use their TeamCrates and generate a huge brand visibility for sports sponsors. Try to calculate how much hours brand exposure the TeamCrates generate per year.

EMPASO 12 TeamCrate – Bottles crate football – Sports bottles carrier football

For sport clubs TeamCrate is a new product which will help the club to attract new sponsors and hence increases the club’s sponsorship income. Due to our flexibitlity in branding clubs don’t need to seek one a large sponsor for all TeamCrate crates, but can also for each TeamCrate one.

For companies and brands TeamCrate is an effective and eye-catching marketing communication solution. A new branding product ideal for giving visibility to sports sponsoring and brand activation campaigns.

Besides creating brand visibility and boosting brand awareness TeamCrate also adds real functional value to teams, because they need to drink water in order to re-energize. Hence the TeamCrate is an added value branding solution which engages people and changes them into your fans.

Due to its characterics and our flexibility, TeamCrate is available for small, medium and large sports sponsors. Depending on the quantity of TeamCrates, we offer additional features for sponsored TeamCrates which make TeamCrate even more attractive. Some examples:


TeamCrate Pricing

The more TeamCrates your order, the better the price.


Printed sports bottles

As of 25 TeamCrates (300 sports bottles) we can deliver the crates with screen printed sports bottles (having e.g. your logo on it). 


Additional sport bottles colors

Besides the ten standard bottle colors, as of 25 TeamCrates we also offer various other attractive sport bottle colors and bottle-cap color combinations.

As of 400 TeamCrates we can even produce the sports bottles in your tailor-made brand color(s).


Branding on the short side

As of 25 TeamCrates we can also add your logo or branding at the short sides of the TeamCrate, generating a 360 degrees brand visibility.


Coupon codes

Customers can also order TeamCrate coupon codes and use these in their sports sponsoring or brand activation campaign. Their customers or relations who receive this code, can order their TeamCrate online, in accordance with the agreements (e.g. colors, branding) which we made with our customer.


Sponsored shirt numbers for bottles

As of 25 TeamCrates we are also able to supply the TeamCrates with a set of 12 sponsored shirt numbers for the bottles, so that each player has its own personal sports


Sponsored Coach Boards

As of 25 pieces we can deliver the TeamCrates including sponsored Coach Boards.


Sponsored TeamTrays

Does your company or brand want to be seen in the important third half? You can also order your sports bottle TeamCrates in combanation with sponsored TeamTrays for the thirds half.



Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about what TeamCrate can do for your sports club, brand or business? Just contact us via email:  info@TeamCrate.com -