Image requirements

When uploading your team photo, club logo or sponsor image please take good note of the following requirements:

  1. Your photo must be in landscape orientation (portait often does not fit!).
  2. Your photo (e.g. the team) needs to fit on the TeamCrate label.
  3. Your photo (JPG-file) must be sharp and have a size of at least 300 kB to 500 kB.
  4. The maximum size for photos, logos and images to be uploaded is 9,0 MB.
  5. Do not upload e.g. Twitter or Facebook profile photos as they are too small.
  6. Photos with a size less than 100 kb cannot be processed or used.
  7. The best format for logos are EPS-files or PDF-files.


When making a team photo, please take into account that we must have free space around the team in order to be able to enlarge the photo and place the entire team on the TeamCrate label. Especially on the left and right bottom/side part of the photo.
EMPASO TeamCrate images