Options & Accessories

When ordering your EMPASO sports bottle TeamCrate, you can als choose and order various extra options and convenient accessories. Read more about them here below.

EMPASO TeamCrate Options

(1) Two different TeamCrate designs

Would you like to have two different images at both sides of your personalised TeamCrate, like your club logo at one side and your sponsor image at the other side? That is possible!

When ordering your personalized TeamCrate you can upload a second (other) image which will be placed on the other side of your TeamCrate. 

The surcharge for designing and creating a TeamCrate with two different images is € 6,00 incl. VAT.

EMPASO TeamCrate Options

(2) Additional sports bottles

Do you need more than 12 sports bottles or your team? When ordering your personalised TeamCrate your can also order 2 or 4 extra sports bottles. This can be very convenient if your team has e.g. 14 or 16 players and all players wanting to have their own bottle.

Alternatively you can also order a standard EMPASO TeamCrate, available in various colour combinations, with 12, 14 or 16 sports bottles.

EMPASO TeamCrate Options

(3) DuoBottleHolder

The EMPASO DuoBottleHolder is a stainless steel holder for two additional sports bottles which can be connected easily to the short side of your TeamCrate.

It enables you to carry 2 or 4 additional sports bottles and hence ideal if you have 14 or 16 players in your team.

When ordering your personalised sports bottle TeamCrate, you can also order optionally one or two  DuoBottleHolders. 

EMPASO TeamCrate Options

(4) Sports Bottle numbers

Is hygiëne important and do you want each player to have its own personal sports bottle?

When ordering your TeamCrate you can order additionally a set of 12 bottle numbers 1 -12 and/or 13 – 24 for the sports bottles and for on top of the closures.

The price for one set of 12 bottle numbers is € 6,00 incl. VAT.  The bottle number will be send together with your TeamCrate and you need to stick them yourself on the sports bottles and closures.

EMPASO TeamCrate Options

(5) EMPASO Coach Board

The EMPASO CoachBoard is a convenient and handy (27 x 20 cm) coach board and the only Coach Board on the world which fits into your sports bottle TeamCrate.

The CoachBoard will be delivered including a black erasable board marker and is available for 12 different team sports.

See the overview at our EMPASO Coach Board page.

EMPASO TeamCrate Options

(6) EMPASO TeamTray

How do you serve a team of 14 players with drinks in the third half?

The EMPASO TeamTray is the tray for serving 14 drinks after the game and fits perfectly on top op your TeamCrate.

When ordering your sports bottle TeamCrate your can also order additionally your own TeamTray, available in five different colours (dark blue, black, white, red and green).


EMPASO TeamCrate Options

(7) New TeamCrate labels

Did your team change? Do you want to give your TeamCrate a new look?

You can order via our website two new personalised TeamCrate labels seperatly and replace yourself the old labels by the new labels. In this way you can enjoy your TeamCrate for many years!

Replacing the labels is really and here you can see on YouTube how this needs to be done.


EMPASO TeamCrate Options

(8) Set 12 new Sports Bottles

Lost some bottles? Or do you want to start the new season with fresh and clean sports bottles?

You can order a set of 12, 14, 16 or even 18 TeamCrate sports bottles 750cc via our website and they are available in 12 different colours.

See the overview of all sports bottles and colours on our page Set 12 sports bottles.



Most TeamCrate accessories can be ordered togethter with your sports bottle TeamCrate or ordered seperatly.