Order procedure

You can order you personalised sports bottle TeamCrate set simply via het Order Form. Fill in the order form completely, choose you crate and bottles colours, your extra options and  upload your image(s). Check you order and submit the order form. Our designer will serve you personally from there!

Order confirmation

Within two working days you will receive an order confirmation by email, including (if applicable) your TeamCrate label design, an image of your personalised TeamCrate and the invoice. We expect you to pay the invoice within 2 working days. In case you do not pay you invoice on time, we reserve the right to cancell your order.

Changing your order

In case you want to make a change in e.g. the TeamCrate label design, please let us know within 24 hours and we alter the design and reconfirm your order for free! After 24 hours we reserve the right to charge € 5,00 per new or altered label design.

Delivery time

We work with weekly production batches. Each Monday morning we order a batch of personalised TeamCrate labels, which will be printend, laminated and punched. On Thursday the TeamCrate labels are ready being checked by our designer who made the designs. Also we will assemble and maken you TeamCrate and in the afternoon DHL will pick up your order for delivery.

Thus, if you have ordered and paid before Monday morning, your order will be ready for shipment on Thursday. This means a delivery time of approx. 5 working days. If you have ordered and paid your invoice after Monday, your order will be added to the following week batch meaning the delivery time is approx. 10 working days.

Questions or remarks?

In case you have any questions or remarks, please always reply our mail stating the order number. Only in this way we know which questions is related to which order application

EMPASO TeamCrate - order procedure