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Order below your personalised TeamCrate. Fill in the orderform below, upload your image(s) and submit your order. Our designer wil serve you from there!

Read before ordering our "Order procedure" so that you know exactly what to do and what to expect from us.

Order form personalised TeamCrate

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Specify the colour of your TeamCrate.
Specify the colour of your sports bottles.
Surcharge for PayPal / Credit Card is € 3,00 per TeamCrate.

TeamCrate Options:

For more info see our webpage "TeamCrate Options"
Only applicable if you need more than 12 bottles.
For carrying 2 or 4 additonal bottles with your TeamCrate.
Specify if you want individual numbers for your sports bottles.
The CoachBoard which fits into your TeamCrate.
See also our page TeamTray

(4) Upload your image

Upload below your team photo, club logo or sponsor image. Files allowed are jpg, jpeg, pdf, eps, bmp, tiff, png, gif.
JPG files below 200 kb cannot be processed.
Upload a 2d image in case you want 2 different images on your TeamCrate (surcharge € 5,00).


Submitted your order? Then you will receive now an e-mail from us to verify your e-mails address.

Do you experience any problems with the order form or with uploading files? You can also send us your order application by email: info@TeamCrate.com. Please add all the info we need to process your order (see the field above).



  1. In case you want to send us more photo's or images, or in case you have some questions, you can contact us directly via info@TeamCrate.com.
  2. Photo's or images need to be appropriate for the TeamCrate. In case a submitted image is not appropriate, TeamCrate reserves the right of refusal.
  3. Prices are based on submitted artwork files which can be used directly for making the TeamCrate labels. TeamCrate does not alter, change or (re)designs submitted artwork files, as TeamCrate is not a design agency.
  4. TeamCrate makes one TeamCrate label design for both sides of the TeamCrate. In case TeamCrate needs to design more different labels for your TeamCrate, or in case TeamCrate spends significantly more time on (altering) one label, TeamCrate reseverse the right to charge additional design costs.
  5. TeamCrate respects copyright on photo's and images. Customers of TeamCrate are responsible for submitting photo's and images which can and may be used and which are free of any copyright.
  6. In case TeamCrate suspects that photo's or images can not be used due to copyrights violations, TeamCrate reserves the right to refuse the corresponding photo or image for making TeamCrates.