Price & delivery

Price TeamCrate

The price for a personalised or standard EMPASO TeamCrate with or without 12 non-printed sports bottles 750cc is:

Excl. VATIncl. VAT
Personalised TeamCrate including 12 bottles (*)€ 49,50€ 59,90
Personalised TeamCrate without bottles€ 32,98€ 39,90
Standard TeamCrate including 12 bottles (*)€ 41,24€ 49,90
(*) = Action price this month and a standard TeamCrate can be ordered here.

Spring Super Sales

A personalised TeamCrate including 12 sports bottles: for only only € 59,90 69,90 incl. VAT.

Delivery price

The DHL delivery prices for a parcel with one or two TeamCrates from The Netherlands to the United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA are:

Delivery to Excl. VATIncl. VAT
UK & Ireland€ 16,49€ 19,95
USA€ 29,90

Delivery time

The delivery time is about 10 working after the invoce has been paid plus the time DHL needs to deliver the parcel to your. Thursday is our fixed weekly shipment day.

Price options & accessories

When ordering your TeamCrate you can choose out of various extra options and accessories for your TeamCrate. The price are:​

TeamCrate OptionsExcl. VATIncl. VAT
Two different images / labels€ 5,00€ 6,05
Additional sports bottles (per piece)€ 3,80€ 4,60
DuoBottleHolder (*)€ 16,45€ 19,90
One set with 12 numbers for sports bottles

Two sets with 24 numbers for sport bottles

€ 6,00

€ 10,00

€ 7,26

€ 12,10

CoachBoard with black board marker (*)€ 9,50€ 11,50
EMPASO TeamTray for the 3d half (*)€ 9,50€ 11,50
Set of 2 new TeamCrate labels€ 16,45€ 19,90
Set of 12 sports bottles 750ml (€ 2,50 per piece)€ 30,00€ 36,30
(*) = price only in combination with a TeamCrate

You can read more about these options and accessoiries on our page TeamCrate Options.

Payment method

You can pay your TeamCrate invoice via your own bank online or via PayPal and/or Credit Card.

In case you’ve selected payment per PayPal and/or Credit Card in the order form, we will also send you a PayPal Payment Request by e-mail. The surcharge for payment via PayPal and/or Credit Card is € 3,00 per TeamCrate.

You can click on the PayPal “Pay Now” button in the mail and pay your invoice secure via PayPal or your credit card. We expect you to pay your invoice within 48 hours and your order will be taken into production once you have paid your invoice.