How do you serve easily different drinks to a team of 14 players? How do you help sports clubs to increase the revenue from the bar and to find new sponsors for the club? How do you connect brands and companies to teams, players and supportes in the 3d half?

TeamTray - Team tray - beer tray - tray for drinks

For teams

For sports teams the TeamTray is a handy and user friendly new product. It serve a team of 14 players with 14 different drinks. Furthermore, the TeamTray fits perfectly on top of your Team Crate, so that you know exactly which drinks belong to which team.


For sports clubs

For sports clubs and sport events, the TeamTray not only helps to increase the bar sales, but also helps to increase revenues from sponsorships. Due to the large branding areas at both long sides, the TeamTray is a new communication product which connects (local) sponsors of the club to teams and players in the third half.


For sports sponsors

For companies and brands who want to be seen, the TeamTray is an effective marketing communication and branding product. The tray adds real value to teams and sports clubs and generates a huge brand visibility on the perpaps one of the most important moment in sports: the third half!

TeamTray - Team tray - beer tray - tray for drinks

Price personalized TeamTrays

Personalized TeamTrays with your sponsor or club logo at both sides can be ordered per 6 pieces in a box in the standard colors black, white, green or red. The price per TeamTray depends on the number of pieces ordered and is excluding VAT and delivery:


Nr. of boxes

TeamTray pieces

Price per piece

1 Box

6 pieces

€ 19,50

2 Boxes

12 pieces

€ 18,50

3 Boxes

18 pieces

€ 17,50

4 Boxes

24 pieces

€ 16,50


Delivery time

The delivery cost are Euro € 14,50 per max. two boxes and the delivery time is about 10 working days after order confirmation and payment of the invoice.


Order procedure

Personalized TeamTrays can be ordered via the order form below. Fill in the form, upload your logo or image and submit your order. We will serve you from there. Within two working days we will send you an order confirmation mail, including your label design, an image of your TeamTray, the invoice and a PayPal / credit card payment request. We expect your to pay the invoice within two days and your order will be taken in production once the invoice has been paid.

Order form EMPASO TeamTray

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Once you have submitted your order, you willl receive a short confirmation e-mail from us.